King versus Knight Checks

A useful chunk for the endgame: If your king is exposed to checks by the enemy knight, taking the “diagonal opposition” (squares highlighted in green) to the knight forces the knight to manoeuvre three times before being able to check again. Other moves allow ealier checks.


4 Responses to King versus Knight Checks

  1. What program do you use to make those animated gifs?

  2. Chunky Rook says:

    I use AquariumDemo for setting up the pieces and markers and grabbing a screenshot of each position. I then open the screenshots (depending on the complexity of the gif, 2 to 20 files) in Photoshop to import them as frames into a single picture and to add the “” layer. Once the frames are arranged in the correct order and after adding anything else (such as text), I use ImageReady to sequence the frames and add a duration to each (usually one second per move and two seconds for start and end position). Once I’m happy with the resulting animation, I save it as a gif.

  3. Anonymous says:

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    King versus Knight Checks | The Chunky Rook

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