Back from Hiatus

Apologies for my sudden disappearance; it’s the old story — work and exams have gobbled up all my time, making chess improvement all but impossible. However, I’m still playing chess, and I’m now looking at a period of replenishment and, hopefully, serious study and improvement.

Some exciting developments are taking place in the chess improvement blogosphere. The Brooklyn64 blog has launched a revival of the Knights Errant. This is great, because like Lousy at Chess, I’m in dire need of tactics training and honing my calculation skills, and seeing others struggle and practise in that respect is very motivating; and 2) if I’m not mistaken, Brooklyn64 has ties to the Green Point Chess Club, which I used to visit and enjoy muchly. I wonder if Jeff is pulling some of the strings behind the blog?

Of course I’m a lazy bastard and won’t put myself through the hell that is the circles method, but I shall most definitely step up my game concerning tactics & calculation. By the way, my current rating is 1740ish and I’m confident that I can reach 1800 or even 1850 if I keep at it. With regards to my animated gifs, I think I’ll spend more time looking at the gifs I’ve made so far rather than creating new ones, but we’ll see.

Oh, and I would like to draw attention to the magnificent Chess Carnival idea, initiated by Blue Devil Knight. The March carnival will be hosted by Blunderprone. (see my blogroll)


4 Responses to Back from Hiatus

  1. takchess says:

    Just getting back into Chess again. What you’ve doing here is quite cool!

  2. wang says:

    Welcome back!

  3. Welcome back, I’ve always really enjoyed the chunk pictures and animations. Any more episodes on the horizon?

  4. chunkyrook says:

    Howdy. Eventually, eventually, I hope to churn out some more :)

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