Embarrassment of Riches

Holy Game Collection, Batman: found this today and thought I would share.

Update: In the comment section Hank has kindly provided a link to another amazing collection of “database books” at gambitchess.com.


11 Responses to Embarrassment of Riches

  1. tommyg says:

    That website is awesome!

    I had purchased the Pandolfini endgame book so it is nice to have it is a pgn for endgame practice!

    I also like that he encourages people to buy the book and use the pgn’s as supplements!

    • chunkyrook says:

      Yeah, that’s the spirit. I’ve downloaded the Pandolfini database,too, and will peruse it in addition to Silman.

      How about some isolani games soon? ;)

  2. Hank says:

    See also:

    That site has a lot more stuff than this, but in order to access the non-free part of their collection you have to contribute a PGN for a book they don’t already have.

    — Hank

  3. happyhippo says:

    Hi ChunkyRook,

    Thanks for sharing that website. :)

    Btw, tommyg, wrt Pandolfini’s endgame book, I’ve heard there are inaccuracies/errors in that book so be careful.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have Chessbase, so this won’t help me.

    • chunkyrook says:

      That was my first reaction, too. Fortunately, there’s ChessBase Light. Gives you access to all the games and it’s completely free. Download at the Chessbase website.

  5. Hank says:

    I should have given the direct link to the “free” section that other site before. It has about 4 times as much stuff as Ossimitz, all in PGN format (over 300 PGNs). I love both sites – very helpful.

    — Hank

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