ACIS of Caissa Improvement Post #6, or, Chess and Starcraft

Two tournament losses (vs 1800 and vs 1650), a club tournament win (vs 1715) and a team championship draw (vs 1780). I’m quite unhappy about my two losses there. I believe I have improved considerably in the opening, but I desperately need to start working on tactics and calculation in earnest. I’ve got a new computer (ThinkPad / Windows 7) and I’m eyeing CT Art 4.0; but knowing my lack of self-discipline, maybe I should stick to ChessTempo (which I’ve been neglecting) and see if I can keep up an exercise routine for more than a month.

So much for my improvement. Far more interesting is this video by Striderdoom a.k.a. Sean “Day[9]” Plott, one the best-known Western Starcraft players, in which he recounts his experiences as a Starcraft player from his humble beginnings in high-school to his impressive tournament successes. His insights into his improvement are both intelligent and inspiring and translate quite well into the world of chess improvement. Even if you’re not into Starcraft, I recommend tuning in at 1h30′ and listen to him for 15 minutes talk about his improvement and the lessons he learned, lessons such as: “A loss is an arrow that points you in the right direction.” Great guy.


4 Responses to ACIS of Caissa Improvement Post #6, or, Chess and Starcraft

  1. LinuxguyonFICS says:

    I watched about an hour and a half of that, great video. Inspirational.

  2. Rocky says:

    Wow. What a video. I only watched from 1H30M on.

    A few observations …

    1) This guy practiced A LOT. I think he mentioned in passing something like 14 hours a day. Holy nuts!

    2) When he was 2-2 in the final, he started thinking that he just wanted to get it over and that 2nd place was good. Then he stopped himself and starting thinking positive again.

    3) He mentioned that in that final game, he worked instinctively … he simply reacted … not much thinking.

    4) He is passionate about gaming. He really loves it. That’s why he’s awesome at it. He knows what he wants to focus on in life.

    5) His attitude about losing is perfect.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. LinuxguyonFICS says:

    He said that even when the hacker knew what he was going to do, he still began to win because it came down to timing and execution. That was an interesting part.

  4. Thanks to you, I’ve been watching a bunch of Starcraft play-by-plays for the past week. It’s more entertaining than it sounds.

    Waiting eagerly for Starcraft 2.

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