Pin Snatch and Black Bishop Pin

Lost against a 1850 and a 1750 in the exact same silly fashion by overlooking a pin followed by a double attack on the pinned piece. I was playing White, the pawn next to my king had been moved, opening the diagonal for Black’s black-square bishop, and each time I stepped right into a classic pin winning the exchange. But because I’m an idiot, I ignored the threat, trying to counter-attack, and on the next move lost the whole rook because I allowed my opponent to attack the pinned piece again. Basic tactics stuff. Blunders come in packs, I suppose. The basic chunk (Qe3? … c3??):

And for good measure, the most common chunks for bishop and castled king:


3 Responses to Pin Snatch and Black Bishop Pin

  1. Competitor says:

    Look for a better understanding of weak squares and king safety.

  2. Chesstiger says:

    I guess you forgot to calculate the consequences of your moves. But hey, i guess the next games you play you will be fully aware of the possibilities of such pin(s). :-)

  3. wang says:

    Well, it happens. I’ve lost 7 in a row in OTB play against various rated opponents and I’ve won 5 in a row before. Bottom line, just like always when you play well, don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back and when you play poorly, don’t rush home to tie a noose.

    On the bright side you learned (albeit expensively) a good lesson on King safety and you’ve got some more chunks to look at.

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