Haeggis of, err, ACIS of Caissa Improvement Post #2

Two Scotch Gambits played against a 1400-rated and a 1850-rated player. Two wins. One lesson from the first game: if your opponent is uncomfortably stuck to the defence of a pawn on one side of the board, consider using your more flexible pieces to invade on the other side of the board. The queen in particular becomes an extremely powerful intruder once the board gets emptier thanks to its mobility and the fact that trapping it is much less likely.

Lesson two: do not worry about moving the pawns in front of the king when you can use them as a steamroller for a strong attack when the opponent’s pieces are passive. I missed the following pawn juggernaut in my game because I was too worried about leaving my king in the open; thanks to the pawns, not only does White win a pawn, but he also gets a strong attack:

The green blocks simply highlight White’s active position.

Chunks from game two: a neat double attack with the queen and an advanced knight, and an even neater mating pattern with queen, bishop and rook.

This is what happened in the game. As Chess Tiger put it, “sometimes things go your way.”


3 Responses to Haeggis of, err, ACIS of Caissa Improvement Post #2

  1. chesstiger says:

    Always nice if one has such cristal clear lessons out of a played game.

  2. Phaedrus says:

    Well played! I love the graphics.

  3. chunkyrook says:

    Thanks! Good to see you.

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