Blunder, Blunder

I won a game yesterday against a 1400-rated player, but it wasn’t glorious. I missed a couple of winning combinations and had a hard time finding strong continuations. It was a frustrating experience to go over the game with the computer, but this morning I found comfort in the fact that the professionals are no less prone to chess blindness, as evidenced by Dennis Monokroussos’ entertaining take on the blunderfest at the World Cup. Comments on my game to follow.


5 Responses to Blunder, Blunder

  1. LinuxguyonFICS says:

    Why is it a draw if he was up a pawn before the blunder?

  2. chunkyrook says:

    Not sure which game you’re referring to.

  3. blunderprone says:

    Yes yes? … Oh…nevermind… I thought you were sending out the Blunder-signal.

  4. chunkyrook says:

    Do you come with a cape? ;)

  5. Blunder, Blunder on the wall,
    Who’s the most patzer one of all?

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