Rook Pins Following Captures

I have this annoying tendency to overlook rook pins following captures, arguably one of the most common tactical motifs in chess, especially in minor piece+rook endgames. Yesterday, for example, I wasted at least 10 minutes of precious calculation time gauging a variation emerging from knight takes pawn, bishop takes knight, queen takes bishop (as seen in the gif), only to realize that the variation is a no-go due to the in-between move Re1. middlegame_rookpincaptureEven though this is a very basic and straight-forward pattern, certain subtleties are to be heeded, in particular: (A) can your queen or rook move out of the pin and counter-attack a hanging enemy piece? (B) if we’re dealing with a rook vs rook pin, can the pinned piece move away and protect your rook at the same time? If our rook is on a black square, for example, a pinned black-square bishop can move out of the pin and move to a square from which it protects your rook, rendering the pin harmless.


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