Patterns in Kingside Attacks

In my experience, nothing benefits the aspiring patzer as much as listening to more experienced players playing over games and articulating their thoughts, ideas and plans. These days, luckily, YouTubers around the world provide us with plenty of opportunities to do just that. Three of my favourite contributors in that respect are Kingscrusher, GreenCastleBlock and Claus Jensen. Claus, I discovered today, also has an excellent blog at First, I would like to thank them for sharing their experience with the rest of us.

Second, I would like to point you to a video by Claus that ties in nicely with the Greek Gift and kingside attacking ideas that I have been concentrating on lately. The video features a game he played against the French Defence, and his commentary contains a host of ideas relevant to kingside attacks. An excellent training exercise, I believe, would be to set up the board whenever Claus says “decisive attack” or “Black’s lost here” and find the correct moves to prove him right (or wrong). Here’s the video in question. (I refrain from embedding as I prefer not to slow down the blog unnecessarily.) Enjoy!


3 Responses to Patterns in Kingside Attacks

  1. chesstiger says:

    I did knew a Jensen back in the days of modblog, i wonder if its the same person.

  2. chunkyrook says:

    Why not ask him? ;) The Scandinavians — the Dutch in particular — seem to be very prominently represented in the chess blogosphere; any particular reason for that? Maybe its long and impressive chess tradition? Edit: Did I just call the Dutch Scandinavians? Silly me ;)

  3. cludi says:

    Hi, I’m Claus Jensen. Nice blog you have here!
    I have just become aware of your posting on kingside attacks in which you mention my blog and one of my videos.
    Just wanted to say that I really appreciate your mention and I hope you enjoy some of my other videos as well – currently doing a series on some of Bent Larsens classic games.

    @chesstiger: I’m not the Jensen you once knew. There are LOADS of Jensen’s in Denmark – it’s probably the most normal surname of all in our country.

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