Isolani Weapons: Knight Invasion at d7

Credit once again to Bruce Pandolfini’s Weapons of Chess. This theme resembles the previous one — knight invasion at c6 — except here the knight teams up with the bishop at g5 to remove the defender of the d7 square. I think these pieces-to-squares relationships are a crucial part of acquiring pattern recognition: you first absorb the fact that the bishop often comes to g5, attacking a knight on f6; then you begin to understand that the knight often comes to e5, and that the knight on f6 defends d7; finally you put two and two together, realising that there’s an important relationship between knights and bishops and the g5-f6-e5-d7 squares. The same, of course, applies to the h7-square, the knight on f6, and a white-square bishop on the b1-h7 square opting for a mating attack. From now on, I’m going to add piece-position tags to my posts. Chess is beautiful!



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