Boden’s Mate

Inspired by Zibbit via Katar on tactics: Boden’s mate.


6 Responses to Boden’s Mate

  1. chesstiger says:

    Nice to see it from both sides.

  2. chessx says:

    How do you do the graphics for the boards?

    They are very instructional.

  3. chunkyrook says:

    It’s a combination of Rybka Aquarium and Photoshop. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. chessx says:

    This is really very good keep it up.

  5. DJ says:

    Aquarium 3.2 came out today. Inspired by your use of Aquarium for generating animations, the new version has built-in support them. Upgrade and enjoy :)

    See here for a description of the new animation feature (and other new features):

  6. chunkyrook says:

    Inspired by me? Are you pulling my leg? ;) Thanks a bunch for the comment & link!

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