Bishop Knight Exchange on Half-Open File

Last weekend, my appendix decided to have a blast, and since the hospital didn’t have wi-fi access, I wasn’t able to post any updates. I’ve also been dealing with an increased workload and I’ve been playing in a local tournament. So far, I have scored 1 1/2 points out of three games (unfortunately I had to forfeit my second game due to the aforementioned appendix bursting). I stumbled upon the following idea in the post-mortem of one of my games:

middlegame_openlines_06Today’s idea is, once again, dedicated to the topic of open lines. A bishop pinning a knight in the opening occurs frequently. Most players hesitate to exchange the bishop for the knight. However, if trading the bishop for the knight results in a pawn on a half-open line that can then be attacked by a rook, the trade might well be worth it.


One Response to Bishop Knight Exchange on Half-Open File

  1. chesstiger says:

    Ah yes, giving the opponent a weak pawn on a file where its easy for our rook to attack it. Indeed a nice concept.

    Appendix removal, always a burden when playing in a tournament. :-)

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