Closing the Lines of the Defender

middlegame_openlines_05_ingame1This position is taken from Dvoirys – Khalifman, 1997. Dvoirys finds a suprising move with a brilliant idea.

The idea I discussed in my previous post was to open lines for attacking pieces before unleashing your attack. The key idea here is the reverse: closing the lines of the defending pieces! Black’s defence concept rests on the queen coming to e5 in order to defend h8 against queen/rook intrusions.

middlegame_openlines_05Dvoirys destroys Black’s defence plan by playing 21. Nd5!!, blocking the queen’s access to e5, allowing him to set up a decisive attack along the h-file. Source: Secrets of Practical Chess by John Nunn.

By the way, since I’m currently focusing on attack motifs, I introduced the tag “attacking technique”. I’m still thinking about a feasible approach to tagging the animations. Perhaps numbering or codifying each gif would be useful? As the collection grows, I need to have a quick and meaningful way to access diagrams relating to a specific topic. Have to meditate on that.

Addendum: In the spirit of anecdotal mnemonics, an episode from Dvoirys’ chess career I picked up at Chess Café:

The chief organizer told us that once in Russia Dvoirys had beaten his head until it bled with his opponent’s queen that he had just captured. “This is not quite true,” said Russian grandmaster Gleizerov. “It was a knight. The knight is very sharp in Russia. His behavior has to be explained by the fact that he is a one hundred percent chessplayer. Chess is his life.”


2 Responses to Closing the Lines of the Defender

  1. chesstiger says:

    This is a concept few of us (patzers) really do in their game. Thanks for bringing it up!

  2. OK, that anecdote is really disturbing. He is a drunken madman I think is the real explanation :)

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