Progress Report

Tomorrow I shall sacrifice a heifer to the synergies of the blogosphere! The excellent Blue Devil Knight recommended The Chunky Rook at his Confessions of a Chess Novice alongside another chess blog by the excellent Tuirgin. Tuirgin then happened to stumble upon my blog and on the Read Me! page pointed out the excellent board image capture feature (there’s a mouthful) of the AquariumDemo, which might come in handy for the gif-making. And handy it is indeed. Mighty handy in fact! Not only does it facilitate the animation process tremendously, it also offers a whole set of groovy design tools, including highlighters, arrows, blocks, you name it. I shall replace the existing gifs with aquarium gifs shortly, and would like to express my gratitude to Tuirgin for this excellent suggestion; I also thank all the commenters and visitors who stopped by today. A most excellent blogsperience, today was.


6 Responses to Progress Report

  1. I’m pretty happy with the interaction from today, too. I started blogging about chess to try to keep me going. It’s good to make connections with other who are similarly minded. I’m glad my suggestions helped, too. I look forward to what good things you’ll be able to do with the tools.

  2. chesstiger says:

    This Aquariumdemo is a nice tool. Maybe i am gonna buy it but then with Rybka 3 as engine.

  3. blunderprone says:

    Nice visuals. I’ll add you to my sidebar ( eventually) I am a little slow on that. If you don’t see it in a week or so… remiond me.

  4. chunkyrook says:

    That’d be great, thanks a bunch.

  5. Polly says:

    Welcome to the chess blogosphere. You have a very nice series of posts so far.

    I’ve never used gif in my posting, but it looks like a pretty cool thing. Is it easy for the technically challenged to use?

    I’ve added you to my sidebar.

  6. chunkyrook says:

    Thanks a lot! With Photoshop and Aquarium, the gifs are easy enough to make, but you have to have a bit of patience and know Photoshop/ImageReady basics.

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